Why play sand soccer at Thunder Beach KC?

It's an understatement to say there are a lot of opportunities and organizations clamoring for your time and money. At Thunder Beach KC, we truly believe our reasonably priced opportunities to play soccer on a unique surface are well worth your time, energy and money. Here are a few of those reasons...

  1. Soccer on the irregular surface of sand develops skills otherwise untouched through traditional outdoor training.  
  2. Thunder Beach KC brings people together to play in events/brackets/leagues that best suit their desires and skill levels. 
  3. The set up and approach for our leagues enable participants a warm environment to make new friends and nurture their love for the game.
  4. The compact field allows for more shots on goal and more opportunities to score. 
  5. Because of the increase of shots and the soft nature of the surface, this is an ideal training ground for goalkeepers to further develop their skills. 
  6. Our facility allows an ideal space for parents to relax and watch their kids play the sport they love. Easy access to the cafe and bar is just inside a glass door.